We were asked to submit a blog introducing our concept while waiting for the kit to arrive. It took me a long time to come up with some idea. Including a motor made it an interesting challenge. I have a friend at work who is legally blind but with special software is able to work as an IT Analyst. We talked about ideas for quite a few days but only could come up with ideas for canes that did not include a motor. Just about every idea I came up with included sensors but no motor.


So I began to think about what I am compassionate about (aside from Electronics) and was inspired by my active role as an animal welfare advocate. The design contest included an opportunity to design for animals to make interaction with disabled or elderly people with restricted mobility easier. And there was my inspiration. There are a large population of senior cats in the Humane Society. Many of these people who would love the companionship of a cat. 


I will build a mobile lift that provides the cat with a nice cozy bed.  The lift should be easily adjusted to meet the height if a window or allow the owner easier access to the cat. Of course my friends were at first puzzled and frequently asked if the cat would sit on such a device. Well that needs to be tested.


When the kit arrives then my first blog will be the Getting to know the FRDM-KV31 and FRDM-MC-LVPMSM found at this link:






The next step would be to explore OpenSDA. I already spent time with the CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi Launchpad.  Texas Instruments provided an extensive SDK with sample examples. I also had the opportunity to learn Energia, Code Composer Studio and UniFlash. I believe that knowledge will be useful for this contest.


In order to visualize what the final design might look like I found this GIF on Wikipedia:








That was the image that made me to decide to enter the contest. I need to add a linear actuator and an enclosure. The enclosure may be 3D printed or perhaps made from wood.


More to come when the kit arrives. I have plans for the sensors, Storm keypad, Toggle Switches and Pushbuttons to enhance the design. My strategy is to have the main components in the kit working with the actuator first. Then I will prioritize the additional components for the design. I will reach out for help when needed.



Thanks Element 14 !