1. FRDM-KV31Fis supported by GCC, Keil, IAR and KDS. It is no doubt that Kinetis Design Studio is first choice. Updated version is 3.2.0 now. Here is the installation process.

1.1 KDS setup wizard is shown when installer is launched.

Fig 1 Installation of KDS 3.2.0

1.2 After the installation procedure, KINETIS-SDK: Software Development Kit for Kinetis MCUs shall be installed as well. Refer to:


It shall be noted that SDK1.3 is still valid,  eclipse updated is mandatory. As for SDK2.0,FRDM-KV31F is still not supported. Therefore Only sdk1.3 is applicable.


Board support is installed automatically.

2. For this design, sensor fusion library shall be used for movement gesture capture. The sensor lib is supported in SDK1.3. While FRDM-K31V is not in the list of supported boards. The applied library shall be modified on the template of  FRDM-K64 Board.



The IDE of  Kinetis Design Studio  is ready for use.