So I have changed my mind a few times, but I think I have settled on something both achievable and more useful that the original.


Here are some of the ideas I have toyed with and some of their pro's and cons

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The first design that sprang to mind is a  sort of ferris wheel systemPros.Cons.


  • Simple Idea easy to implement
  • easy to build a frame to let it stand
  • space between baskets is necessary to access items inside
The next option is a worm screw type lifter like those used in linear actuators
  • more creative option
  • difficult to move baskets from up rod to down rod
  • space between baskets is necessary to access items inside

These latest idea is a chain bucket system, initially I wanted to use as transmission chain and cog system but that turns out to be quite expensive so I am considering a link chain and some DIY cogs for it.

  • baskets at the bottom are accessible
  • flexible design
  • hopefully cheap and easy
  • it will most likely be mounted to a wall
  • the chain I expect will be quite noisy
  • it might be quite ugly
  • not 100% convinced by my chain gear Idea
  • heavy baskets may Bow the chain


Till next time.