1. It is great that Design Pack of FRDM-KV31 is arrived finally. While, new challenge comes.

First, the name order of motor is unknown. From the nameplate, ZWN45 by LINIX is shown. But this series seems out of stock from LINIX and replaced by ZWN40 and ZWN60. I can not get reply even calling service hotline.

Second, the motor is good in function, but too heavy for my design. It can be installed on the support frame for arm movement actuator.  It is obvious that this can only slow the movement of elbow already harmed. And the motor axis rode is long, it can not fixed into the turn point directly.

In the end, I have to revise my design and order new material.

2. First, find out the order of wires for motor.

There are three rounder wire in white, green, blue. These are 3 driving wire for motor, which shall be wired to Extended Drive Board. The order does not matter, since they are symmetric in sinuous wave form, it only matters clockwise of counterclockwise. This can be changed in control algorithm.

There are 5 thinner 5 wires. The red one is positive wire Vcc(+5V) and black for GND.  The rest white, green ,blue wires are feedback signal for corresponding power wires.

3. A new power adapter of 24V is ordered for power supply.

Power adaper

4. One 90 degree reduce is ordered to change the direction of force and reduce the power. While the diameter is not fit well. It would take some time if I want to make the size match.



So, I have order a motor-reducer set as backup in order to meet the deadline for submission.