This blog shows the result of a lot of pondering what materials to use to make a sturdy low-cost stand to support the rotating mirror apparatus, a lot of design and pondering how to build a suitable structure given my tools and resources, and some metal bashing to put it together. It is not painted and it is not finished yet, but the hard work is done and the unknowns about the stand are history. There is still a similar amount of pondering required to design and build the dual motor drive train and mirror mounts, and after the mechanical is complete the eletrical and software will dominate the activity. There are still some worrisome unknowns on that side of the project.


The tripod stand has turned out to be nice and sturdy and the rotating bearings are positioned well, with no interference. So far I have managed to keep stand costs down to about $15. Although it does not include costing for apparatus that has not been assembled yet, this part is an order of magnitude less than some of the options I was exploring.

There is still a long way to go, but it is nice to start retiring some unknowns and see tangible progress.


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