1. As I have mentioned in last blog. The KMS1.0.0.0 seems do not work well. With different mixed type installation for drivers, IDE and SDK. Finally, my development environment has come to good result and work OK now. PMSM-demo has passed the debug and report no more errors.


2. Tips to share.

2.1 The reasons that Kinetic Motor Suit (KMS) can not control linix Motor is that,

img firmware in the  FRDM-KV31FFRDM-KV31F board is incompatible with the version of KMS New.out file shall be flashed into the memory of KV31F

- Driver shall be properly installed, in order that UART port can be found.

- The path of SDK shall be correctly defined, since SDK1.3.0 shall be needed for KMS to work well.

2.2 The demo project comes with the KMS can not  pass build stage. Since some of the files in the project can not be found in present developing environment. While there is not enough time for me to check one by one. So I have to skip this demo project.

2.3 The demo-project in Quick Start Guide can pass the debug, while the function of motor control is not tested yet.

2.4 With preliminary study, I assumed that the incompatibility comes with Real Time OS. For Freescale, MQX is first choice in SDK 1.3.0. But following upgrade seems slow and FreeRTOS become first choice in SDK 2.0. I can not prove the assumption now. So, I use SDK1.3.0 in my programming.

2.5 When using KSD3.2.0, Run-Debug configuration shall be defined first and New Lauch Group shall be added and properly selected or the KDS will return with error code (1) instaed.


3. Suggestion

It would be safe to use old stable version IDE,  SDK,  and even Demo-project. If new function has some alternative choice, try older version instead before one can master all the technical detail.