The Clear Walk system is finally fully operational under battery power. I have packaged the electronics in a small case which can be mounted on the frame. You can see a demo of the mechanics in operation in the following video.

It has been a rocky project, with all sorts of setbacks and ornery issues. This project is characterized by large efforts to make small progress and overall a major effort trying to close on a workable solution. However, it looks like it is all coming together just in time to meet the deadline. It has been fun at least most of the time and I learned a lot. Overcoming the shear number of problems and the significant magnitude of some of them has made it a very satisfying result. It was costly, but could have been much more costly.

Unfortunately, my presence is required in Boston this weekend, so I will not be able to polish the project up as planned. This is a major disappointment after months of passionate work, but other priorities intrude.


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