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Installed Software

Posted by armour999 Apr 9, 2016
Why not install the software while I'm waiting for the Kit to arrive ! The kit will include the FRDM-KV31 and FRDM-MC-LVPMSM. I am using a Acer laptop with Windows 10 installed.  NXP provides a robust library of software and information to support the FRDM-KV31. I might as well troubleshoot any issues with the software now. I think these may be the tools I need so here is a summary of the installations. For this blog I am using only screen shots until I have the hardware installed. Once I h ...
We were asked to submit a blog introducing our concept while waiting for the kit to arrive. It took me a long time to come up with some idea. Including a motor made it an interesting challenge. I have a friend at work who is legally blind but with special software is able to work as an IT Analyst. We talked about ideas for quite a few days but only could come up with ideas for canes that did not include a motor. Just about every idea I came up with included sensors but no motor.   So I beg ...