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Item Elevator Models

Posted by troush118 Apr 11, 2016
So since I made my introduction to my ideas I started with 3D models and brainstorming which would be the best way to set up this project. After many hours of sitting at the computer starring deep in the nothingness on my computer I think I have found a good way to approach.   The picture immediately below you can see a 3D model of a general shelf of similar shape as to what I would like to create.       The shelf I will be using is roughly 30 inches tall, 21 inches wide ...
Well instead of beating around the bush about what I am creating for this challenge; I will be going over a very brief overview of my design idea.   Very Brief Overview:   For this challenge I am designing a system to mount on a cabinet (cupboard) that will allow elderly, handicap, and even just vertically challenged persons get items off those "out-of-reach" shelves. Be it you are handicap, elderly, or even just short this device will allow them to feel better because they will not ...