Hi everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, as I'll be around here a lot during the element14 Music Tech Challenge!

My name is Adam John Williams. I'm a London-based musician, artist & creative technologist, as well as director of the 24-hour Hack Camp at Music Tech Fest. Music hacking and other related activities seem to take up the majority of my life these days - a fact that I'm quite happy about - so when this new element14 Design Challenge came up I was really keen to get involved. I'll be around here for the duration of the challenge to give advice & support on both the production & documentation of your projects, as well as working on a project of my own, and for whomever of you ends up being our lucky winner, you'll be joining me onstage at Music Tech Fest in Berlin to present your winning project to an audience of some of the finest minds in music & technology.

I'm really excited to see what everybody comes up with, as I've been using the BeagleBone Black myself for some audio projects recently so I know what a powerful platform it is. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you have, I'll try to help out in any way that I can, and to get an idea of my music hacking experience check out this Music Hacking playlist over on my YouTube channel.


Onwards & upwards! Good luck, everyone.