• 4 in / 8 out (FACE)
  • 8 in / 16 out (BEAST)
  • Compatible to Bela's development tools (e.g. Web IDE including Oscilloscope)
  • 48, 96, 192KHz / 24bit (ALSA)
  • 48KHz / 16bit (Bela)
  • 1 ms latency (real-time environment)
  • 3.2 ms latency (native Linux applications, e.g. JACK (depends on system load))
  • -85dB THD+N, -100dB crosstalk
  • Sample accurate
  • Combinable with Bela cape to access 8 x 16bit DC coupled analog IOs
  • Mobile usage (full stack can be directly powered from BeagleBone USB voltage)
  • Hard real-time environment compatible to Arduino-style C/C++, Pure Data, SuperCollider and Faust (see Bela Wiki)


Project Components / Source Locations:

  • Hardware design files at Github, I2S sound card based on AD1938 audio codec by Analog Devices Inc. and designed by CTAG Audio (repo contains hardware design files, docs and device tree overlays)
  • Official BeagleBoard Kernel Source (Linux drivers were merged in upstream BeagleBoard kernel => included in official BeagleBoard SD card images by default (FACE only))
  • Forked kernel (Linux drivers for FACE and BEAST)
  • BASH script for automatic evaluation of latency, THD, THD+N, DNR, crosstalk and plot of magnitude spectrum using GNU Octave (included in SD-Card image and available on GitHub)
  • Debian Wheezy SD card image for BeagleBone, including evaluation scripts, demos and several audio tools (e.g. JACK, Pure Data, SuperCollider, ...)
  • Bela Homepage



  • Open Platform for DIY Audio Projects
  • Mobile Audio Effects and Instruments
  • Eurorack Modules
  • 3D Audio (e.g. Ambisonics)
  • Interactive Art Installations
  • See Bela Projects




Full stack