Hi there,


This week, I have made significant progress on porting Kazumi to BeagleBone Black, but before I go into more detail about this, I would like to set some objectives and motivations for this challenge.


The current set-up has a few problems, such as:

  • I have been unable to get less than 35ms latency
  • There is no velocity data, as capacitive sensing is not an ideal way of getting this
  • There are ghost triggers and some electrodes stay 'touched' due to capacitance noise
  • A portable speaker is used as the sound from Raspberry Pi is not amplified. This means having another battery to charge amongst other problems.


Objectives for the next version:

  • Increase responsiveness by using the Bela platform to get rid of latency (this hardware allows for less than 1ms!)
  • Add piezo transducers to each pad and use that analog signal to control the velocity
  • Adapt Pure Data patches to be compatible with Heavy Audio Tools
  • Test different speakers and implement a way of controlling the volume of the integrated speaker and aux output separately
  • Use analog outputs to add LED feedback for each pad
  • Redesign and rebuild the structure to accommodate the new hardware.


On the next post, I will talk about the progress I made at the Accessible Music Technology Hackathon that was organised by Drake Music at the Centre for Digital Music at QMUL, which took place last Saturday 6th.


Lastly, here is the link to the Bela platform website, where you can find out more about it.