Hey again!


I've been getting into PureData a bit, since I will probably be running PureData either solo or in conjunction with SuperCollider to generate and manipulate the audio of the suit. I have very minor prior experience with PD; so this has been great fun getting into!


stretch sensor sketch.png

Since the suit will have 8 different stretch sensors, I want 8 different ways to manipulate the audio. I have been imagining the different manipulations that these sensors could alter, and I've come to the following conclusion for a first prototype:



Reverb dry/wet

Reverb room size

Oscillator frequency

High pass filter

Low pass filter


Oscillator tri/osc


So I've begun work with a PureData patch which will allow for all these different manipulation. You can find it here!


Screenshot from 2016-02-18 02-07-53.png

I have for the time being mapped these to my MIDI controller with 8 knobs, so that it will easily be adapted to work with the suit I am making. As you can see in the patch, I haven't added any slider for volume or a sawtooth oscillator yet, but that will come in a future version of the code.


I made a small recording of what it might sound like when playing around with this very primitive code, which you can find here.


While I want this effect rack to be connected to an array of generative music made by plants, I plan on constructing the first prototype of the suit as a kind of wearable synthesizer. I plan on making the sound a bit more fat in the first prototype, as I find this plain oscillator sound kind of boring. Might use SuperCollider somehow, but I will look into if it is possible to alter the sounds in realtime through MIDI inputs. Otherwise I will look at some other solution to make it sound better - maybe it is possible to make a sweet sound in PureData as well? I sure hope so!


See you in the next update!