Hello again, everyone! Recently I was struck by a very harsh cold, and I have been unable to work on the project for the past weeks. Now I am slowly regaining my energy, though, so I have been able to pick up some work again after this long hiatus!


The past time I have been working with beginning to sew the suit which will be the first prototype of the music suit. First off I created a pattern for the lower part of it (since there was no pattern for a full body suit), using a book on pattern construction in the SoftLab. Since I need this suit to be snug for the stretch sensors to work properly, I needed to find a pattern for leggings, and luckily there was one in the book! I drew it out and got right to it.




After making the pattern for the lower part of the suit, I decided to go ahead and sew it so that I could get a grip on how to create the upper part of it. The pattern had a very high waistline, so it looks like I will not have to make a very large upper part of the suit. After sewing a bit the pants turned out a bit loose, but that is probably for the best since I can just take in the seams and make them snugger. Rather too loose than the opposite!




I made the basic pattern for the top part as well, which I will adjust to reflect the pants and create a full body suit! The basic pattern is just one for a regular shirt, but I will alter it according to my body and the height of the pants. I will probably need to add a zipper to the front to allow for easy access to the suit!


So, that was it for this time! I hope to see you in my next blog post!