Hello again! Really getting my energy back after this cold now so I've been able to work a bit more recently! Feels good - especially since the deadline is rapidly approaching and I have quite a bit of work to do still!


Today I began creating the circuit which I have had in my head for some time. I will probably sew the things in place later on when I begin working with adding this onto the finished suit. This was just to get an overview of what the final circuit might look like when it is finished! I used a picture of a Teensy, a scheme for a breadboard (which I might use for the prototype of the suit), and some graphics in Inkscape.


I used Inkscape due to simplicity and the lack of support for the Linux platform on the software included in the challengers kit. I simply didn't have the time to make the software included work for me, so I focused my energy on a simpler approach which will do what I need it to quite simply anyway! It looks a little bit messy, but I figure as long as it does what I need it to do it is all right



   This is a conceptual prototype of what it might end up like in the end. The resistors will have varying resistance depending on the length of the strap of piezoresistive fabric, as the piezoresistive fabric has different base resistance depending on its length and width. The black lines represent ground, the red ones represent 3.3v, and the blues represent input to the ADCs on the Teensy. The grey boxes represent the straps of piezoresistive fabric which will be added to the suit. THis setup should allow for the reading of all the data from the sensors!


Now I just need to hook it up! I'll hopefully be going to SoftLab this Wednesday (it was closed last Wednesday!) to finish up the suit and hook up all the pieces of piezoresistive fabric to the Teensy, and that should leave me with the physical prototype done which would only leave some programming and calibration until I have a finished prototype!


EXCITING STUFF! I can't wait to get this suit working! So many times I've been jamming away and thinking "I wish the music suit was finished already!!!", but I've had to wait. Soon no longer!


Light and love and a myriad of blessings <3