I did some quick work with finishing up the Pure Data patch, although there might turn up some further modifications that need to be done to be completely done. As always things keep on evolving as you work with them!


I worked with adding volume meters to the sinus wave and sawtooth oscillators, to allow for changing up the sound using the suit. In the previous patch I had no such function so it was only a sin oscillator! I really think the extra sawtooth adds some more depth to the constellation.

Screenshot from 2016-04-04 22-48-39.png


I also made some adjustments to the reverb effect and the filters, to avoid clipping and allow for more control. I minimized the room size at it got a bit out of hand before, and I changed some values in the low pass filter to allow for it to shift further. I bet I will have to revisit this once the suit is finished and I can feel how the different aspects work together!


Still considering moving over to SuperCollider for the sound synthesis, but for now I feel it is out of the scope for this challenge. I just need to get this prototype done and I can develop it further from there!