This post is about the SLS parts that arrived last week and how I plan to use them within the prototype.



This is the first time I have had something printed in this quality and I have to say it's absolutely amazing. The parts feel very robust, even where there are thin walls. The look and feel is also very appealing, I went for black dye and all the parts (except the pegs) were polished.


First, I mounted the speaker to see how that looked. The result is very satisfying. As you may realise, this part could be modified and re-printed to accommodate different speakers with different hole positions, etc. This is very handy as an open-source design because the same speaker might not be easily available anywhere in the world. By the way, I know I need to get black screws



What was a little bit disappointing was finding that the pegs were too loose for the press-fit solution I was going for. Even if I were to glue the parts together, I am a bit wary about the durability of gluing those slightly loose pegs to the acrylic parts. Instead, I ordered some 3mm steel dowel pins which are a much better fit.


Below is what the assembled parts start to look like. As you might have realised, that acrylic part in between the anchor-looking part and the leg is broken. I actually managed to accidentally snap that part in 4 different places yesterday... T.T I will make some amendments to the file and hope to have better luck when I laser-cut a new one.