Welcome to another installment in the Design Challenge Weekly Summary series here at Element14!  We have officially entered the final week of the Open Source Music Challenge here at Element14, and its challengers have been smashing the record for most updates in a single week. Over the last several months, I have really began to appreciate all of the challengers who have worked hard to develop some amazing music-inspired projects. This will be one of my final summary post for the Music Tech Challenge. Next week I will have one final summary from the last seven days of the challenge, and then a final challenge wrap up post. Additionally, I will be finishing out my Project summary series for this challenge with two final post.


Open Source Music Tech


In the past week, we have had a total of five updates posted across three projects. With the end of the Music Tech challenge just around the corner, I will be featuring two updates from the past week.  Additionally, I would like to remind everyone that Element14’s Christopher Stanton has an interesting post up inquiring on how we can make the Design Challenges better. Head over to his post to give your input!


In the past week three projects have been updated:


Project: Vintage Toy Synthesiser by Liam Lacey (liamtmlacey)

Project: tEChnOLOGICal Communion by Nadal Kristallin (fraktalize)

Project: Kazumi - by Luis Zayas Garin (luiszayas)


This Week’s Top Updates


tEChnOLOGICAL communion: Beginning the construction of the suit

2016-04-07 02_36_41-MusicTech_ tEChnOLOGICAL communion_ Beginning t... _ element14 Community.png

Topping my charts this week is a long-awaited updated post from Nadal Kristallin (fraktalize) on his project, tEChnOLOGICal Communion, that shows off his skills as a fashionista. Flexing some serious maker muscle, Nadal created patterns for the pants, and then cut the pieces from pattern-filled fabric. Everything was then sewn together on a sewing machine, and then the moment of truth came! As you can see, they fit well, but he admits that they are a little loose fitting.Nadal says that the pattern for the top of the outfit was made at the same time, so maybe we will see a update with that process next!



Vintage Toy Synthesiser - Fixing-Together and Refining the Enclosure



Liam Lacey (liamtmlacey) took today’s second slot with an amazing update to his project, Vintage Toy Synthesiser. After a minor setback that resulted in a little bit of damage to the piano frame, progress moved forward with the project by reassembling the frame, and improving on the structure as a whole. After some thought, the decision was made to attach the control panel on one side with hinges instead of permanently securing it to the piano body. This also allowed the control panel to be propped open which not only made the synth look like a traditional grand piano, but it allowed curious onlookers to see all of the electronics inside!



As you can see, these modifications added a nice “finished” feel to the project. I am normally one to disassemble projects after they have been completed for a few months, but I have to say that I would have to leave this one alone and display it somewhere in my office. It truly is a work of art, and is equally impressive on a technological front.




Make Life Accessible Design Challenge


The Design Challenge staff are hard at work choosing the fifteen challengers that will participate in the Make Life Accessible Challenge.  I can not wait to see who the challengers will be, and what projects they will build!  Check out the links below to find out more about the Make Life Accessible Challenge, and what the challengers have a chance at winning!




That is going to wrap things up for this installment of the Design Challenge Weekly Summary here at Element14. I will be back next week with another installment, until then remember to Hack The World, and Make Awesome!