When constructing the upper body of the suit, I got into a creative flow which gave me entirely new ideas on how to construct the suit. As I was tinkering with how to put the pieces together I just got a vision which really took the design to a new level!


          Experimenting with putting together a full body suit

Before, I was planning on making a full body suit, but now I figured I could make a two piece suit which would suit my style and design visions better, while still keeping the functionality through making the stretch sensors detachable. This would also allow for all the electronics to be removed (a part of the first vision) so that it is easier to wash or redesign the suit.



I want the suit to have a more sexy, tribal look to fit in more with the more primitive aspect of the final art work, while at the same time keeping it regal and with style. Here is a preview of what it might look like in the end!


        Early design prototype with sown in leggings


Regarding how to add the stretch sensors to the arms, I'm considering a more artsy approach which gives room for the arms to show, as a very vital part of the final artwork is the organic aspect of it I want to show some skin. I'm thinking about adding some kind of arm pattern thing which will be held on a finger and will connect directly to the suit with a detachable stretch sensor! I'll follow up more on how the design evolves as I go along