As Music Tech Design challenge comes to a close , here is blog post which gives you an overview of the DIY Drum kit and a couple of versions that I have been able to make using BeagleBone Black , a couple of capacitive touch sensors based on the MPR121 and 3D printing.


It has been hectic and a lot of fun working with the BeagleBone black using python, and a big thanks to element14 for sending me the awesome kit.


Which one will you make ?

Here are a few of versions of the 3D printed drum kit

Pocket Version

The Pocket version of DIY Drum kit use's the SparkFun's Capacitive touch key pad ( based on the MPR121 ,a couple of potentiometers(10K Ohms) and the BeagleBone black.

For a complete step by step instructions and STL files refer to - Pocket Version of the DIY Drum kit



Here a video demo

In the video, the Yellow dial will be used to select a list of songs(currently I have two songs mapped to the potentiometer called BridSong.wav and CowPasture.wav). And the Blue potentiometer dial will be used, to select a different set of wav files to mimic sets of sounds/instruments, here I have mapped a simple drum set, bass guitar set and some fun funk beats to each of the 12 touch pads on the MPR121 capacitive touch sensor.



BB Drum fingers

This something that you can make with friends, at your local maker-space. The STL files for the 3D printed parts are attached to the blog post link below. It take about 3 hours to print all the files, I would suggest printing the finger in you favorite color filament first, so that you can add coins and breadboarding wire while the other Beaglebone case parts are printed. Here you will need a friend to help you out to hold the coins and the breadboarding wire while you add hot glue.




IMG_0924 copy 2.jpg

For a complete step by step instructions and STL files refer to - BB Drum fingers


Experimenting with Conductive filament

Here is another version that is still a work in progress, unfortunately my Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer, has broken down and I am still waiting from some part to arrive from China and most importantly the all metal hot ends..As you see in the picture below blue color part will be printed using the conductive PLA filament from proto-pasta  which will then be connected to the MPR121 sensor.




For the code  you will have to first install Adafuit's MPR121 Python Library which I modified for this project, to cater for the MPR121 connected to I2C bus 1 on the BeagleBone,here is forked repo on Github  -

In addition for the other pieces of code refer to Github link at -


Other blog posts

Here are links to some other blog post written during the challange

Uploading music created to

Check out the  Uploading wav files to using the BeagleBone  , blog post on how to record a .wav file, using ALSA -arecord when a button a pressed, and then upload the recorded file to , as shown in the video below




Setting up OctoPrint on the BeagleBone

As most parts of my project the DIY drum kit , included quite a bit of 3D printing, which meant that I had to try out setting up OctoPrint ( )on the BeagleBone black, which would give me a web enabled UI to control,3D print and monitor my printer.



For more info check  out the blog post at - Controlling and Monitoring your 3D printer with BeagleBone and OctoPrint

The blog post above also contains STL's to print a case for the BeagleBone black , as shown in the picture below..