There we go! I've finished up creating the base of the suit, onto which I will add stretch sensors and the electronics! It took some time to finish it up (a lot of stuff happened in my life as well these past few days), but now it's done!


The final design of the suit didn't quite turn out as I would have liked it, but I felt I had to let go of the perfectionist attitude due to the time constraint. I chose to go with an open back to create a more revealing look for it, while still keeping it somewhat tidy. I would have liked to shape the back differently and perhaps bind the backside together with strings, but for practical reasons I just chose to go with elastic straps which bind it together in the back.




The stretch sensors will be added as detachable straps which will bind the suit together! To make this happen, I also made some looong gloves onto which the stretch sensors will attach to from the shoulders. I decided to make them into gloves so that I can later on add stretch sensors for the wrists as well!



Now just to add the electronics!!!