Screenshot from 2016-04-12 02-59-41.png


I coded the Teensy to receive all the inputs (I decided to go for 6 inputs for this initial prototype), and gave them different control numbers. In the beginning I didn't really get what these control numbers meant, but I figured it out quickly as soon as I launched PD and I hooked it up to the patch.


There will still be some calibration left to do, as I still have to make some details to the base suit to make it more snug so it can adapt to the stretch sensors, but this is really a great step forward and it's working correctly, albeit not perfectly!



At first I had some issues uploading the code, and the Teensy got really hot, but I quickly realized one of the stretch sensors had a cross connection which I fixed up immediately, and then it all worked! Code works, everything connected - I take it this baby is ready for a test run! Woooo!