Oh yeah, it works! I hooked the suit up to PureData and after some tweaking it worked! I made some small tests just to try it out, and it's really a lot of fun, playing around with this! I am very eager to get to know the suit and tweak it so that it feels more natural to move with it and make some sweet sounds!

Ideally, if my kit would have arrived, this would have been hooked up to a BBB with a speaker and a battery, so that the suit would be standalone (currently I have it connected to my laptop), and possibly be able to send the midi messages over WiFi or something of the sort! Also this would give me much more possibilities when it comes to other things in the constellation, such as adding a breath sensor, heart sensor, EEG, data gloves, and other things which I want to use to expand on this concept!


So what now? This is really not the end of this project - rather the beginning! First of all I noticed that the material of the fabric I used became looser the more I used it, so in my next edition I would like to use another fabric such as Lycra or something, which keeps its shape no matter how much it is stretched. I would also like to put more attention on making the pattern more delicious, and I want to add more functions to the suit. I want to add triggers for every effect, so that if I tap my right shoulder for example, my entire right arm will control the delay effect with different parameters, and if I tap the right shoulder again when my arm is in a set position, the effect will stay as it is! This would allow for a more creative and intuitive flow when I create music - twisting knobs can feel kinda bland, you know?

I also want to add a percussive element to the chestpiece of my suit, so that I can play electronic instruments on my chest (kind of like a flat mini-Kazumi on my chest ) and maybe also add the lightshow in conjunction with it.


Although the kit never arrived, I'm very grateful to have been part of this challenge! It was truly a delight, and I feel it gave my project a kickstart and now I might just have the momentum to bring it to the next level! Thank you, element14 for this challenge! I'm glad I was chosen as one of your challengers, and while I'm slightly disappointed in that my kit never arrived I still wanted to give this challenge my all, although I knew all the time the BBB might never arrive. So thank you for setting this up! And congratulations to whoever wins the challenge - I hope you enjoy your stay in Berlin!


Lots of love and blessings,