Challengers! The judging deadline has now passed - thank you so much to everyone who took part!


If you're not finished yet, I'd still love to be able to follow the progress on your amazing projects. My project, LaserScope Music is also not yet complete - but you'll be able to continue to follow it here on the element14 Community, as well as at Music Tech Fest in Berlin.


Speaking of Music Tech Fest... Ben Heck is going to be there with us!


I can't wait to be joined on the main festival stage by one of you amazing hackers, where we will present your winning project. Also, since we end each day of the programme with a massive jam session, there'll be a chance to join me on the stage again, to perform alongside some of the giants of electronic music. Check out our blog to keep up with who's going to be appearing at MTF -


Stay tuned for announcements about the winning projects...


Happy hacking, now & forever.