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3 Posts authored by: selement14

Sacrificial Violin

Posted by selement14 Feb 21, 2016
The video you are about to witness, can be difficult to watch, as it was a bit difficult to make.  The idea of taking a perfectly good Violin and sacrificing it to the good of the project takes some serious will power. Especially if you have never dissected a Violin before.  But I needed a basis for my project so I ordered one of those inexpensive, Violins from Amazon, and set out to modify it.  WARNING: This video contains Violin violence, and some viewers, who appreciate classic ...

Fingerboard Sensor

Posted by selement14 Feb 12, 2016
The eViolin has two main interactions between the musician and the instrument. Specifically, the left hand is on the fingerboard and the right hand is on the bow.  Both need to be solved and their information integrated.  Let's start with the fingerboard.   There are several methods that can be used to measure the distance on the fingerboard.  My first idea was to use resistive fabric on the board; however, it seemed to be non-linear.  The other idea was to use a pre-pa ...
To get started, my focus is on the Beaglebone Black(BBB) is on what Linux software is running on it and to determine if, in fact, it needs to be updated. If so, I then need to figure out what distribution and revision of Linux has the best chance of real time behavior with puredata and jack.   I plug the BBB via USB into a host machine and run the browser to the default USB Ethernet IP address for the BBB:  It works and brings up this page:     Th ...