In 2018, element14 launched its charter Path to Programmable training class. The premise behind Path to Programmable training was to provide some of our member-engineers who had limited experience designing with programmable devices an opportunity to attend a formal training program in order to build some new skills. Following up on the first training program was our second training class, Path II Programmable in 2019. The second class received the Avnet Ultra96-V2 development word, based on the Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC. Similar in structure to the first class, the Path II Programmable trainees completed training modules and labs, and wrapped up the training with a project of their own choice that was based on the Ultra96-V2. The graduates received some great gifts, mentioned below. Let me wrap up Path II Program by showcasing the projects of the graduates.


Path II Programmable Graduation Awards


Exploring Zynq MPSoCFLUKE 233 -  Remote Display Digital MultimeterWeller Soldering Station


Path II Programmable Graduation Projects


Roving, mapping robot with computer vision


See the Project

Generating & capturing data with the Ultra96v2 & PYNQ


See the Project: page 1, page 2

Facial Recognition


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License Plate Recognition


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Wireless kitchen backsplash color picker


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Embedded Vision Processor


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Evolutionary Algorithms


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Path II Programmable: Learning and Creativity in Action


I think Path to Programmable brought out the creativity (and the hard work that goes into being creative) to a degree I had not quite imagined would be possible. aspork42's Wireless Kitchen Backsplash Color Picker is the product of inventive imagination (and possibly also a supportive family that permitted him to innovate in the kitchen)! We had two great examples of Image recognition, and a great exploration into embedded vision processing. Another pleasant surprise was the presence of PYNQ in the graduation projects. Path II Programmable allowed vladrumyan an opportunity to "experiment with implementing several variations of Evolutionary Algorithms to solve some problems in the telecommunications" that he had played around with when he was in Graduate school. Last but not least was the roving, mapping robot by filupgasinthevan. Robotics is one of the top applications for the Xilinx UltraScale+ MP SoC, so it was good to see it covered in these projects.


A Big Thank You from Element14


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in Path II Programmable program. I'd also like to thank Xilinx and Avnet  for sponsoring the program and writing the coursework & labs, respectively. Finally, I'd like to thank our Web Designer Pauline Chan ( pchan ) for all the hard work she did in posting the program and updates on the element14.