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Path II Programmable

2 Posts authored by: dcsoutherner
It's been a little over 10 minutes (according to my cellphone's clock) since I clicked "Launch SDK"  from Vivado and the progress bar is almost halfway filled. I'm following the tutorials in the "MPSoC_HW_2018_3_student_complete" zip file, the "Lab_instructions" directory.  This is lab 2, page 24. This is on a machine with and Intel Core I7-3770 rated at 3.4 Ghx, 16 GB of memory running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS 64-bit. Seriously????? I'm supposed to create software with tools that have g ...

Getting Started

Posted by dcsoutherner Oct 19, 2019
I'll be using the Xilinx software tool chain on a Linux host and not using a VM running on a Windows workstation.  I'm choosing this because the project i have in mind requires interaction between the Ultra96 and a software defined radio device which is currently controlled by a linux-based control program.  I'll be using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a roughly 10 year old computer. Like some others I'l be using the latest version of the Xilinx tool chain, the SDSoC 2019.1 which I'm downloading ...