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Path II Programmable

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HW Labs

Posted by jarios86 Dec 18, 2019
In this labs I have learnt about how to configure the PS according with the platform that is going to be used, add IP from the Xilinx catalogue and create your custom IP. Further, the power of the TCL scripting is explained and I realized how to do some task following the right work flow.   From lab 1 to lab 6 I had never configured the PS IP block before (preset configuration), I always used the base block design that the board vendor usually supplies when you acquire the development kit ...
This is my first blog, and I going to explain how I have install the software in my own laptop. I prefer to install all Xilinx tools in a host machine instead of a VM because some time ago I used to install everything in a linux VM (I was a windows user) but I got some unexpected errors related with memory and disk lacks. I moved to a linux host machine and the Xilinx tools worked much more better than on a VM.   I use Vivado, SDK and Peralinux 2018.2 version, because I used this version f ...