Ok. This post won't be all that exciting. I received an email from Randall with the instructions to download the Training modules. Haven't received the hardware yet, but I figured I could at least get my dev environment set up.



I downloaded a zip file, extracted it and found a directory laid out like this:



I went into the Lab_instructions directory, and found the following



I opened up the file named ZynqHW_2017_4_lab_0_v7.pdf and it was as I suspected, a pre setup lab.


It basically told you what software they had used to develop the lab and what you needed to install on your computer.


They had used Windows 7,  Vivado 2017.4, and Tera Term. I'm already causing problems, my environment is Linux, and I'll probably use a different terminal emulator, but I did download Vivado 2017.4.


I followed the instructions to install, and it immediately said there is a newer version available, and asked if I wanted to download it. I said yes, so hopefully I'll be able to complete the labs with the newer version.

I'm sure it won't be a problem...



So, here it is. Software installed. Waiting for the hardware to show up. I guess I'll spend some time reading the other PDF files.


Until next time.