I spent the weekend figuring out Lab 9.  It turns out that my file system wasn't in line with the TCL script.  The instructions are as follows:

***NOTE*** If you receive an error running the Tcl command above please delete your entire ZynqDesign project and ip repo. Then start from Experiment 1 step 1 in which you unzip a pre-built lab 8 project and ip repo to the correct location. The reason you received an error was most likely due to an incorrect naming convention that was done in a previous lab.

So, instead of starting over with Lab 1 with a new file structure, I used the pre-formatted Lab 8 output found in "Solutions_MiniZed".

I created the new file structure at C:/Speedway/ZynqHW/2017_4/ and copied the training material to that folder also.

Here's the new structure:

The ip_repo and ZynqDesign folders were extracted from "ZynqHW_Lab8_Solution.zip"

When I ran Vivado with the new workspace I got a few messages:

2018.2.2 Vivado complained about IP upgrades, so I upgraded them.

Then Vivado wanted to re-generate outputs and run synthesis and implementation again.

After all was complete, I am down to 1 Critical Warning: