These are notes from the module 1 – chapter 2 Speedway video lecture.


Tools and tool flow.


The Vivado Design Suite WebPACK edition is free and it supports seven Zynq devices.  The free tools include a simulator, device programmer, logic analyzer, serial I/O analyzer, debugger, and design synthesis and integration tools.

The typical design flow is to have a system architect responsible for the overall design, with software and hardware developers/designers performing their domain specific work. The design flow is pretty common for the two sides:

  • Programming (sw) / Design (hw)
  • Integrate IP (both)
  • Test (both)
  • Debug (both)


Zynq adds programmable logic, which provides a lot of flexibility.  Should reduce the number of board spins.  The tools minimize cross-dependencies between software and hardware and makes it possible to do simultaneous development.


The Vivado IP integrator provides access to a very large IP catalog, making it possible to drag n’ drop pre-built logic blocks.  Arm support built in.

The IP integrator (IPI) provides interface level connection validation.  Easy to create a new project.  Lab 1 will use the tools, open a new project, and will create a block design that uses an embedded source.


Lecture Summary

This was a short and to the point lecture that gave me an understanding of the Zynq tools and how they are used in various parts of a design.