The list of the step by step zynq hardware development blog learnings and projects are as below


Topics in the Minized Zynq Hardware DevelopmentLink to the Zynq Minized Hardware development Blog
Day 0 - MiniZed ZYNQDay 0 - MiniZed ZYNQ FPGA Arrives
Minized FPGA Board Concept and BasicsWeek 1: MiniZed ZYNQ Concept and basics
Lab 0 Lab 1 and Lab 2 Setup Xilinx VivadoWeek 2: Done!! Lab 0 Lab1 and Lab2
Lab 3 Lab 4 Lab 5 Peripheral Tests and Memory TestsWeek 3: Done!! Lab3 Lab4 and Lab5
Thermal Imgaing Tests with MiniZedWeek 3: Thermal Imaging Test of MiniZed FPGA
Lab 6 Lab 7 Establish the data flow between PL and processing PS using PS DMAWeek 4: Done!! Lab6 and Lab7
Lab 8 is about LED dimmer control, using Vivado Hardware Analyzer and Delivering Hardware to the Software TeamWeek 5 Lab8 Hardware Debugging Zynq Designs
Lab 9 The Power of Scripting using TclWeek 5 Lab 9 The Power of Scripting using Tcl


The previous training modules from other bloggers on fpga minized hardware development can be found here Path to Programmable.


The next phase of the training Module 2 focuses on software SDK development in Vivado.