Finished the second module training course today with minimal headaches.

Lab 8 objectives:

This lab came in handy, because I messed up something during lab 10 and I had to revert to the archived workspace from lab 8.

Whatever I did, the SDK will no longer load with SDK_Workspace selected.  I'm going to compare files later to see if I can find the problem.

Lab 9 objectives:

This lab was a modification of the LED_PWM project from ZynqHW project to add some exception checking and recovery.

Writing interrupt routines has always been a bane of mine, they can be evil and very difficult to debug.  It's nice to have some good code as an example to work with.

Lab 10 objectives:


In this lab, the QSPI flash memory was read and written to using a simple terminal window menu.

When I was working on this lab, I made a new bsp, but forgot to change the stdin/out from ps7_uart_0 to ps7_uart_1, and it took me a while staring at a blank terminal

re-compiling several times before I figured out my mistake.

Lab 11 was writing code for using the TE HTU21DHTU21D Pmod device.  Since I don't have that device, I could not complete that part.

The last video reviewed the course objectives, and discussed other Xilinx training support options

As my MiniZed project, I will attempt to interface the TDM114 PMOD camera to the MiniZed and do something interesting with it.