The list of the step by step zynq software development blog learnings and projects are as below



Topics in the minized ZYNQ software development Link to the minized software development blogs
Introduction to zynq SW development and Vivado SDK Application developmentZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog1  -- Labs 0 1 2
Developing Zynq software with Xilinx SDK using standalone Board Support Packages BSPs.ZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog2 -- Lab 3
SW applications for the Hardware platform and BSP were created and tested via serial portZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog3 --lab4 & lab5
Developing Zynq Software with Xilinx SDK Lab 6 First Stage Boot Loader (FSBL)ZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog3 --lab6 & lab7
Develop ZYNQ software with SDK Project Management.ZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog3 --lab8 & lab9
An application which reads and writes MAC address (EUI-48 only) configuration data to/from the on-board QSPI Flash device is exploredZYNQ-SW Module 2 Minized Blog3 --lab10 & lab11



The previous training modules from other bloggers on fpga minized hardware development can be found here Path to Programmable.

The fist phase of the training Module 1 focused on Hardware development in Vivado Summary of Module 1 Path to Programmable ZYNQ HW blogs