My project is to do something interesting with the PMOD TDM114 camera module.

I found a demo project on the Avnet site called "MJPEG Video Streaming on Avnet MiniZed"

It looks like exactly what I needed to start this project, so I downloaded the quick start guide.

The first thing to do was Flash the boot image boot_QSPI.bin to QSPI.  There is a command line tool for this in the SDK package.

I used the hardware platform and First Stage Boot Loader (fsbl) from the ZynqSW labs and it flashed ok.

Then I transferred the image files from a USB drive to the eMMC.

I had some issues with the demo quick start guide on where my USB drive was mounted, but I figured it out and transferred the files OK

Then I needed to Flash the boot image smallboot.bin to QSPI using the SDK

The next task was to navigate to the demo application location and start it.

# cd /run/media/mmcblk1p1/mjpeg_demo

# ./


The image is a bit dark, but it's streaming.  Now to dig into the demo code and see what I can do with it.