First Stage Boot Loader application configures the FPGA with HW bit stream and loads operating system image or standalone image or second stage boot loader image from non-volatile memory (NAND/NOR/QSPI) to RAM and starts executing it. In this lab we will learn how to generate a FSBL application using template.


1. Generate the FSBL

In SDK please choose Files -> New -> Application Project. Provide name and choose option to create a new BSP.


From templates please select a Zynq FSBL:


Then press Finish. In case of preparing FSBL for production we could choose Release configuration from project properties available from Manage Configuration options menu.


The basic flow of FSBL is following:

- initializes MIO, PLLs, clocks, DDR and peripherals,

- based on boot mode it jumps with boot process to selected boot media: QSPI, NAND, NOR, SD or JTAG.