In this lab we will learn how create a boot image for QSPI and boot from it with usage of FSBL. We will create boot image for test peripherals application and boot it from non-volatile memory.


1. Create the QSPI boot image

To create a boot image please select: Xilinx Tools -> Create Boot Image.


BIF (Boot Image Format) is the input file into Bootgen that list the partitions which Bootgen is to include the image. The BIF also includes attributes for the partitions. The output format should be selected to mcs (boot from QSPI). There are second option bin which means boot from SD Card which is not supported by MiniZed. After that please click: Create Image.


2. Write and boot from QSPI

We will program QSPI with the MCS file. After that we will disconnect power, change the BOOT mode to QSPI and power on the board (boot from QSPI).


In SDK please select following option: Xilinx Tools -> Program Flash


In this dialog window we need to provide path to the Image and FSBL files. Then please choose option Program.


This operation should take approximately 1 minute. When operation finishes you could see following message in Console output: Flash Operation Successful.

Now we need to power off the board and change the boot mode to QSPI. Then power on the board and press the RESET button (SW2). You should see following results in serial console output: