The Module 2 of the MiniZed Path to Programmable is focused on software development in xilinx fpga. The previous minized SW development ZYNQ blog can be read here

The Hardware related blogs are here Summary of Module 1 Path to Programmable ZYNQ HW blogs

The Software related blogs are here Summary of Module 2 Path to Programmable ZYNQ SW blogs


ZYNQ SW Module Lab 10


In this lab, an application which reads and writes MAC address (EUI-48 only) configuration data to/from the on-board QSPI Flash device is explored. For more information on what a MAC

address is and why you might want to use one in an end application; More details on Wikipedia:


The code for this lab was already provided in the training as supported documents.


Setting up the new SDK application project to run the code as below



Fig: Above Importing the flash mac files from support documents in SDK.


Fig Above: The compiled flash code shown


Playing around with the output as below



ZYNQ SW Module Lab 11


The aim of this lab is to work with basic I2C communication process taking place between your MiniZed and the TE HTU21D Pmod. A basic application that reads the data off the HTU21D Pmod and displays it in a terminal program will be imported into SDK. Since I do not have the TE HTU21D Pmod at hand I have asked the element14 team to give me more updates on this lab.