Welcome to another quick blog post showing the evolving IoT Farm!


Originally I had planned on building a hen house and linking it together with a Rabbit enclosure to allow for centralized observation and control.  But we found out our neighbors were getting out the chicken raising hobby after having an encounter with a Mountain Lion in their coop.  They offered us this completely assembled, insulated, electrical installed, shingled, awesome Hen House, we just needed to get it over to our property.  It is pretty much the size of a small shed.


After weeks of trying to hire a Shed mover to get our new Chicken Casa moved our neighbor took some chain and hooked it up to his trusty tractor and pulled it down the road and through our field to its new location. 


New Coop.jpg

Regan my trusty farm hand is eager to get the chicks moved in to their new house!


Chicks in New Coop.jpg


Here they are all moved in and getting the hang of the new pecking order and food options.


The downside of the new larger building is it went into a farther away location.  So now I am investigating if I want to run power out that far or if it is feasible to run a solar option.


Well to be honest, I am trying to find enough electrical wire to safely get power out to the new location while also looking into a solar power option.  Because who doesn't think solar would be an awesome implementation?