So, I was able to get the iLumi controlled via a python script that in turn I was able to add to OpenHAB and could control the iLumi BR30 from an OpenHAB ColorPicker, however when I attempted to add the EnOcean Pi 902 to the Raspberry Pi 3 and performed the update/upgrade to support the device I lost both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth functionality of the Raspberry Pi 3.   I was able to recover the W-Fi connection on the RasPi 3 by performing a dist-upgrade and then updating the firmware on the system to 4.4.3.  This corrected the Wi-Fi issue but I am still unable to get the Bluetooth device on the RasPi 3 to enable.  The system seems to think there is no bluetooth device on the board which I know there is one since it was working prior to the upbreak.  I'll have to see if I can get this to come up again or just add a usb bluetooth dongle to the board to get past it.

This assisted me in getting the WiFi back up and working:


Also, I was never able to get the RasPi to see the EnOcean Pi 902 so I was wondering if anyone knew if the device is supported with Raspberry Pi 3 and Jessie or do I need to use the RasPi B+ to connect the EnOcean Pi 902.