Another update to keep you seeing movement!


Quick side note tomorrow I am hoping to test some Solar panels that I have been given to see if they are useable.  They were damaged but I am hoping for enough power generation that they are still viable for the IoT Farm.


The birds have reached a point where they have communicated that if they are not allowed access to the outside world under my control, they will try to Chicken Rush the next person who opens the main Human door to check on them.  :-)


Bowing to the potential of their fowl fury I have re-opened the bird access door (it was damaged during the tractor transport phase) and placed a ladder/ramp for their ease of access.  They seem to appreciate this greatly and are now less aggressive when the Human door is opened.  At first the blinding sun with 100 degree+ Fahrenheit temps seemed to make them less inclined to explore much, so I added a couple of pallet sun shade/wind breaks at either end of their house coupled with a large watering station in the shade and now they are enjoying themselves greatly.


Deana Chicken Coop.jpgHere is my wonderful wife, "mother-hen"ing the hens to be sure everyone is good to go.


Regan Chicken feeding01.jpgHere is Regan assisting with one of the Barred Rocks.


Kenna Chicken 01.jpgKenna with another Barred Rock.


Regan Chicken01.jpgRegan posing with one of her "pretties".


Stay tuned for more updates.  I am hoping that one of the solar panels will be good and can be tied into this project.