A beloved family member has passed away and we have been out of state for a few days but I wanted to update with what I found out from the Solar Panels and how all of the new Bunny Rabbits are doing.



Here is the data sticker, both panels have the same information.  I think this looks promising but I don't have it setup to accurately verify Amps yet.


Panel 1

This was from Solar Panel 1, around 9am with good sunlight.


Solar Panel 2


Solar Panel 2


So some promise here with potential!


Need to look into what is needed to convert over to battery for storage and allow for RPi use. 


Here are some Bunny Eye Candy pictures.  The white one is the only original rabbit we have now.  The move to the new location and the high temperatures had the others get sick.


A local Rabbit breeder had needed to downsize so now some more have been added into the Bunny side of the Farm. 


We are keeping them close to the house right now since they receive daily water sprinkling to cool off and ice bottle/packs in their cage for them to adjust their body heat. 


The plan is to stage build a Rabbit Colony area providing for an initial large cage holding with plenty of shade and access.  Then expanding out to the ground and eventually created a large enclosure that will rival the Hen House.  But that is down the Farm Dirt Road a bit.  :-)








The last Bunny was an unexpected addition.  At least on my part.  My wife had been talking about how she had read about wild rabbits being added into Rabbit colonies.  Then, surprise surprise, the other day she caught Peter Cottontail foraging in her garden.  She hunted him down with her bare hands and now she has another addition to the growing Colony! 


We have him currently in quarantine to monitor him and allow him to get a little bigger before integration.



Remember, use of Element 14 can result in mental growth, excitement, experimentation and even Making things.  You have been warned!