Today while the family was celebrating my 47th successful trip around the Sun on our fine planet Earth we saw a sign advertising an interesting addition to our Farm.  Not only does this have great potential to maintain the Farm but it's ability to recycle trash materials and create bio-usable materials is a great plus as we expand our gardening!


An issue we have been running into with going from a 1/4 acre to 5.5 acres is the fact that the little push lawnmower just doesn't do an adequate job.  As such we have been keeping our eye out for a good replacement.  Now a decent tractor with a mower option would be awesome the Farm budget currently does not allow for that. 


Instead we were intrigued by Gastro Ocular Agro Terminators.  These stomachs with builtin ocular guidance can quickly turn our agriculture waste (weeds/brush) into viable growing material!  And their appeal even broke through to our most hard core technical child, causing him to turn off his tablet and exit the vehicle to get some hands on with these G.O.A.Ts. 


BraedanbabyG01.png  This child believes every problem has a solution, usually a technical one that will involve legos or robotics but he quickly decided G.O.A.Ts would be appropriate additions to our Farm.


After much discussion between the Mrs and I, mainly revolving on how now I have more enclosure/animal areas that I have to incorporate into the IoT Farm, we eventually left the area with one full sized G.O.A.T. and 2 mini G.O.A.Ts working on upgrades.  To be fair these are Pygmy G.O.A.Ts so even compared to Dwarf size they are pretty small and we were able to purchase a carrier and load them into the family transport to head back out to the homestead!


20160730_132842.jpg The Chevy Traverse model we use advertises an 8 person capacity, luckily by dropping the rear 2 person bench we able to add 3 G.O.A.T. capacity as well, leaving enough space for the 5 human passengers to ride back in comfort.  Minus all of the neck pain incited by everyone trying to see the babies in the back. 


Of course our new G.O.A.Ts were kind enough to show us how quickly they can recycle feed material into tiny bio-pellets as they exited their transport.  It seems that motorized transport causes them to switch into pellet creation at a respectful pace!  Happily the pellets are much easier to clean up/move compared to the product that the Chicken's create...




Having successfully traveled to the Homestead the 3 were quickly placed into what previously had been a dog enclosure.  Since canines generally don't eat weeds/shrubs/bushes or other like material the G.O.A.Ts were quite impressed with the buffet choices offered just in this one area.


babygoats01.png  After some fun time of exploring and realizing that the Mini G.O.A.Ts were able to slip through the fencing, they decided to take a rest in the shade and overwhelm all of the humans in the area with a self defense shield of cuteness. 



This seemed to be such a good idea that even the full size G.O.A.T. joined in and our new Farm additions decided to take a nap.


This addition has greatly increased my desire to add picture/video setup for the IoT Farm. 


Anyone have any other suggestions to incorporate IoT with these guys?  Please leave suggestions in the comments!  Thank you!