There seems to be Irony that my blog #13 comes with bad news.  I was unable to get my Enocean Pi to work with 3 different Raspberry Pis.  Leading me to wonder if I have a bad Hat.  :-(


I worked for days on getting it to link with my Raspberry Pi3 that is running my Farm Operations Center but it would never show as recognized.  Looking at other comments there seems to be a problem with Raspberry Pi 3 and this currently so I pulled out 2 different Raspberry Pi 2s to see if that would help.


Regardless of the Pi platform the Enocean Pi could not be seen.  There are some very interesting writeups on installing Enocean Pi and they were quite helpful in trying to troubleshoot what was happening but no success.


My desire to use the Sensors are still very high and I am considering ordering another Enocean Pi and another set of sensors since once it works I can see adding more inputs easily.




The Reed sensor is what I want to tie into my sliding Fowl doors and allow for me to trigger when it is open.  Energy harvesting and radio communications, a huge plus!


I had ordered a float sensor and was looking forward to seeing if I could tie into the Temperature card since data on it showed inputs that might be of use.  Of course having current Temperature around animals is always a plus.




The Float sensor is to be installed into this Watering system.  The bottom bowl has a float controlled water input.  The 5 gallon bucket would be where the float sensor would reside to alert when the water was low.  As you can see below the bucket, I have planned ahead by putting a T.  The capped part of the T will be routed over to my Rabbit Cages to allow each rabbit to have it's own individual water source via the Chicken Nipples I have previously shown.  The blue bowl will be for my G.O.A.Ts.  Depending on how quickly the water is went through I may tie in another 5 gallon bucket as well.  But that requires future monitoring.




Here is the one complete Rabbit cage.  You can see the individual pvc feeder tubes I have in place.  I want to do similar for the water but have them all tied into the bucket system shown above.  On the left hand side you can see the Baby Box with Momma Rabbit perched on top of the box.


I am sad that this part of my plans did not work through and look forward to seeing if I can get another Enocean Pi to fully implement the whole plan of the IoT Farm!