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PiCasso Design Challenge

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Pi Power Image

Posted by armour999 Feb 24, 2019
  Wow this is beautiful and is a design by Dana Zelig. She is using a software package called Processing but does not indicate what hardware she is using. There is no copy write notice. So this is exciting because the website  Processing for Pi provides all the tools to set this up on the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Camera. The website is here.   There is a image to download that includes the Processing  and libraries to quickly get you started. There are Tutorials to he ...

Time to reveal my plans...

Posted by apn201 Feb 17, 2019
It's always hard to say out loud what I'm planning to do. Maybe someone will steal my idea.. or maybe it is too difficult and I give up in the middle.. maybe I should had kept the idea for later date..  all just excuses. Ready or not - here it comes: So my idea is to make a painting. Something that looks just like an ordinary acrylic or oil painting in a beautiful frame. All electronics are hidden behind. After looking at it for a while, the viewer will notice that it's slowly changing - ...
I am thinking of having a go at the Picasso Design Challenge but have a fundamental problem. I have never successfully used a Raspberry Pi of any description, despite having organised two Christmas Raspberry Jams. All I did at the Christmas Raspberry Jams was to dress up as Santa Claus and hand out sweets to all the children, my colleagues did all the heavy technical work. I did try turning an LED on and off for the first Christmas Raspberry Jam as everyone said how easy the Raspberry Pi was to ...

It arrived!

Posted by apn201 Feb 17, 2019
I was too excited to shoot an unboxing video, but here it is. I was a bit worried as they first said that the kit will be on back order and it will take 4-5 weeks for it to come. Now when it arrived, I'm not yet feeling ready to start playing with it as I thought I would have some weeks time to get my ideas together first. ...

It's on

Posted by apn201 Feb 11, 2019
I just spent almost 200 € to purchase the stuff I need for my project. I have had this idea for a couple of years and I planned to do it with Arduino, but never got the inspiration to start. Now the challenge might be good enough excuse to get things going. Anyway finishing the project is so unsure, that I don't even want to apply as a challenger. ...