I am thinking of having a go at the Picasso Design Challenge but have a fundamental problem. I have never successfully used a Raspberry Pi of any description, despite having organised two Christmas Raspberry Jams. All I did at the Christmas Raspberry Jams was to dress up as Santa Claus and hand out sweets to all the children, my colleagues did all the heavy technical work. I did try turning an LED on and off for the first Christmas Raspberry Jam as everyone said how easy the Raspberry Pi was to use. No it isn't. If you don't know what to do it is very difficult. I could have asked for help but I wanted to see if I could do it without any help because if I could do it then my students might be able to do as well. Well I couldn't do it so we didn't use Raspberry Pis, we used Arduinos instead, which were much cheaper as we made our own version of the Uno. Anyway for the Picasso Design Challenge I will have to use a Raspberry Pi so I've borrowed one from my son (it is actually the one we bought for him as a birthday present when he first went to University) along with a camera, see below.

The Raspberry Pi and Camera that I will be Using


It is the original version of the Raspberry Pi but it should be enough to see if I can learn enough to be able to design something. When I first used the Raspberry Pi it was the first time I had encountered HDMI so who knows what experiences I will have now.