It's always hard to say out loud what I'm planning to do. Maybe someone will steal my idea.. or maybe it is too difficult and I give up in the middle.. maybe I should had kept the idea for later date..  all just excuses. Ready or not - here it comes:

So my idea is to make a painting. Something that looks just like an ordinary acrylic or oil painting in a beautiful frame. All electronics are hidden behind. After looking at it for a while, the viewer will notice that it's slowly changing - like magic. Even better if it would somehow reproduce a coarse image from the camera.


Different ways to manipulate the image are:

  • Mechanical
    • Magnets
    • Servo motors
    • Fans
  • Thermal
    • Thermochromic pigments
  • Light
    • Photochromic pigments

Maybe the solution would be a mixture of different methods.

It will be fairly easy to do something like this. I have already made experiments with Thermochromic pigments, but the challenge is how to utilize the Raspberry Pi in some way - as just heating and cooling a thermal element could be done with a simple timer circuit.


I'm thinking of building a matrix element, which is controlled via the I/O -card. Something like LED-matrix display but instead of LED's maybe resistors. This would need some high-power driver circuits etc. but should be doable.

Let's see what I can do. I probably first should start learning to program the board. A simple "Hello world" should be done before going into too complicated designs.