Wow this is beautiful and is a design by Dana Zelig. She is using a software package called Processing but does not indicate what hardware she is using. There is no copy write notice.

So this is exciting because the website  Processing for Pi provides all the tools to set this up on the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Camera. The website is here.


There is a image to download that includes the Processing  and libraries to quickly get you started. There are Tutorials to help you get started with the Raspberry Pi camera.


So the plan part 1 is to:


1, Write the image to Raspberry Pi 3+

2, Install and activate the Raspberry Pi camera

3, Follow the tutorial for Processing and the Pi Camera

4, Experiment and Create!


So Element14 has included in the kit the PiFace Digital 2 daughter board. If I can throw in some additional hardware from my workbench I am proposing to activate the Processing Sketch with a Reed Sensor. For now it would be if a door is opened.