As I didn't want to be an official entry to this PiCasso challenge I have waited until the official contestants have been announced (well done to all of them) in order to avoid muddying the waters, so to speak. At the moment I'm still not sure what all of them will be doing so if any of my ideas clash just let me know and I'll do something else.


As I really like mobile robots (I really really like mobile robots) I wondered how to incorporate a mobile robot into this challenge. My idea is to make a holonomic mobile robot with a downward looking camera that is programmed to randomly move in the horizontal plane but maintaining its orientation. This would be placed over an art work, perhaps even a Picasso as I quite like some of his work, with a magnified image of the small portion of the picture captured by the camera being displayed on a flat screen video display carried on the top of the holonomic robot.


I have already been learning Pi (with my very old Pi B connected via Ethernet) and I have purchased some step motors and drivers in order to start creating the holonomic driving characteristic. I do have access to a proper PC display which has an HDMI input and also a 12V power input (I also have two lead acid batteries salvaged from a building fire alarm) but it might be a bit heavy for the motors. I had originally though of using a 5 inch or 7 inch display but that would mean purchasing one - which I might still do anyway. Then I hope to 3D print most of the structure holding everything together to make everything as smooth and pretty as possible. I might even spray paint some of it.


I'll have to see how it goes. I have to go now as I have three more shelves to put up.