Checking my email this morning I see an email from Phil. To be honest I did not expect to qualify for the challenge, but here I am. Long on ideas and short of experience would be the best description I can give. I feel a little overwhelmed and wonder what I have gotten myself into, but I am determined to see this through. My project, inspired by a trip to IKEA and seeing the number of offices and residential rental suites that have no view of the outside world. Sure you can hang a picture on the wall, but how long does that take to get stale? Why not a virtual window, that could show you not only the world right outside your door but from around the world. Imaging a sunset on a beach in the evening, or the greenery of an alpine pasture right in your living room or office. I envision a system that is power efficient by turning on via a schedule or when you step into the room. On a grand scale, why not live streamed views from around the world. A connected group sharing the world outside their door with others.


With a steep learning curve ahead, the next 15 weeks will test my determination and my skills.